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The Marvin Sordell Foundation (#MSF) was established with the purpose of supporting great initiatives and helping raise awareness for overlooked causes. The Foundation aims each year to support a different charity or specific cause. The aim being to raise both financial aid and to raise awareness.

MSF will host an annual fundraising gala dinner in order to educate, fund-raise and help people understand the issues at hand, whilst enjoying a fabulous evening of delicious food, fantastic prizes alongside the celebrities who also support the cause.

This year, MSF has chosen to focus the issue of Human Trafficking through the support of Sport for Freedom and The Sophie Hayes Foundation. After reading a touching personal account by Sophie Hayes in her true story ‘Trafficked’, Marvin felt driven to help support both the charity and raise awareness of the issue.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation

The Sophie Hayes Foundation is an organization established by a young British lady who was trafficked for the sex industry from the UK. After she was rescued she founded an organization to tell her story and work with other survivors, policy makers and law enforcement agencies to end modern day slavery.

The Sophie Hayes Foundation is a London-based charity with a network of contacts across the globe. We work to get people to engage with key issues surrounding human trafficking. Sophie and other team members have spoken at schools, conferences and interviews with the media, police, even the Vatican about her experiences and about legislative and policy issues which could be addressed to fight human trafficking and provide support to survivors.

We are passionate about helping to educate young people who may be susceptible to being trafficked and work with schools and safeguarding officials to try educate in order to prevent recruiting of young persons. We visit safehouses and Sophie tells them her story: one that ends with redemption, freedom and hope.

In 2012, Sophie was recognised as a Woman of the Year along with just 400 women across the UK for her achievements to combat human trafficking. Her book 'Trafficked' was ranked as the best seller for non fiction in 2012 and has been released in many different languages, and two of her interviews have been nominated for awards. She did all of this while working full time in her day job.

Sophie has big dreams. She dreams of being able to work full time in combating human trafficking. She wants to be able to start a network to assist survivors in reintegrating into society and building careers. She dreams of arranging a conference this year to discuss international cooperation and policy across her broad international community. Every cent donated goes to achieving these dreams as the Foundation has no other overhead costs, and is fully volunteer run.

Sport For Freedom

It all started with a record-breaking row across the Atlantic. Now, with your help, we are rehabilitating victims of trafficking through sport, using sport as an educational and preventative tool and partnering with initiatives that directly offer protection for victims through shelters, create jobs to give back true FREEDOM and prosecute traffickers to stop them taking any more victims.

Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry for criminals…

There are 27 million slaves in the world today, more than any other time in history. Women, men and children from every continent and nation, are affected by the horrors of trafficking. From child soldiers to child workers, from the brothels in cities to the domestic slaves and victims of organ trafficking, they are simply everywhere. Human trafficking has many faces. It respects no boundaries. It happens near you.

But sport is bigger than trafficking!

Sport is global. In every country, in every town, in every village, in every house people can get involved with sport. It’s what humans do. Sport makes us feel empowered, it sets us free and it brings us together. By uniting in this positive way we can demand FREEDOM!

Our Row for Freedom team broke two world records when they rowed the Atlantic, with over £5million of media coverage and more than a hundred speaking opportunities worldwide. We're not stopping there... What can you do #ForFREEDOM?