Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE)

LFE manage the educational programme for Apprentices at Football League clubs over a two-year period.

During this period, all Apprentices will join the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE), which provides a co-ordinated and streamlined approach to the delivery of education.

ASE Framework

LFE is charged by Government policy and funded by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA)/Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to deliver the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (ASE). A conceptual diagram is outlined below:


From the model you can see that the ASE is a continuous cycle of integrated work based experience (the Football Development Programme), work based learning (the NVQ) and academic education (the Technical Certificate), each providing information to the others.

Further information about each element of the ASE framework can be viewed in the ‘Apprentice Journey’ section of the LFE website: