JS Foundation

JS Foundation is dreaming of a world united through the spirit of football. JS Foundation is a messenger that brings happiness and joy to people from different countries through sports, specifically football. The world where everyone is happy with a single medium of a football ball is what JS foundation is determined to build.

JS Foundation is created to donate profits from various businesses into numerous countries, organizations, and institutions in South-East Asia and around the globe, which suffers from harsh football infrastructure. Through football, which is a keyword that can be resonated with the entire world, JS foundation is trying to contribute to the happiness of not only South and North Korea but the whole planet.

JS Foundation will be a ‘messenger of peace and hope through football’ to children and ‘messenger of happiness’ to people all around the world who enjoy football.

Furthermore, JS foundation will strive to deliver messages in excellence of Korean football and promote cultural exchange through football with various countries in Asia, therefore it will be playing a role as a ‘football ambassador’ which publicize Korea as the Mecca of Asian football, and connect Korea to other countries to make harmony.

Website: www.js-foundation.org