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John Utaka Foundation

Our mission

Our mission therefore is to play a significant role in changing the life's of the disadvantaged children and youths in the poorest of our society, so that they can live healthy and fulfilling lives while achieving their dreams and ambitions.

We have also set aside our Aims as:

  1. Care for children and youth from the poorest of society who suffer from sickness and disease and who cannot afford any medical treatment to help save their lives.
  2. Support children who are born with disabilities and those with life threatening conditions who are otherwise forgotten or neglected in the society.
  3. Support uneducated children and youth who cannot afford to get the qualifications they need to excel in life
  4. Help them develop skills that would help to build their income capacity and further boost their confidence to succeed in the society;
  5. Increase their confidence and motivation through the promotion of sporting and social activities in their communities and beyond;
  6. Help them find employment to increase their income capacity and so they can have life changing careers.
  7. Help alleviate the poor conditions of the environment they live in and introduce income capacity building projects that would help boost their earning power.

We hope to achieve these through the following objectives:

  1. Provide health facilities such as hospitals and health centres to provide care and medicines to the sick
  2. Provide Hospital and Rehabilitation care centres for the disabled children so that they can receive treatment and aftercare support.
  3. Provide scholarships to enable them get qualifications in primary, secondary and higher Education.
  4. Provide skill training centres such as technical training centres that will teach them skills in craft, carpentry, metal and wood works and tailoring
  5. Provide Sports facilities and activity centres where they can learn and engage in sports such as football, basket ball, table tennis and organize social events such as cultural shows to encourage community development.
  6. Organize trainings to help them prepare for job interviews, writing their resume/ C.V
  7. Provide facilities in their environment such as Bore-holes for drinking water, fertilizers for farmers and food supplies for the needy. Provide trainings through workshops in the communities to help develop skills in trading, farming and agriculture and starting their own business.

Our Vision

Our vision at the John Utaka Foundation is a world where people live to achieve their dreams despite the scourge of Poverty, Sickness and disease.