Jamie Carragher Foundation

In 2009 Jamie Carragher, the Vice Captain of Liverpool Football Club, was sat down one day thinking to himself: What can I do to help the youth of Merseyside in Sport, How can my family and I make a difference in our City?

What are the Primary Aims of 23 Foundation?

The 23 Foundation aims to give local kids in Merseyside a chance to achieve their dreams through local charities, clubs and community initiatives by providing the means to make a difference. That is whether it be helping local kids recover from illness or helping to provide a framework for achieving their goals! The Merseyside community - of which Jamie Carragher himself is very much a part of - can help develop more confident, well rounded individuals. In giving children a reason to recover from illness or the means to express their talents, we can show them there are many ways to succeed on a personal and career level by being part of a team. Jamie Carragher explains:

Being part of a team and achieving something together is much more satisfying and I know without the help of my team and teams with which I grew up with I would not have become the individual I am today. I want to help as many children as possible to have a better life. If they are suffering from illness we will try to help or, if they need help in sport, we will also try to aid them. The 23 foundation promotes the idea of "we" and "us" because together as a community and with help from people like you reading this, we can accomplish anything.

Website: www.jamiecarragher23.co.uk