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Danny Batth Foundation

Its been a personal goal of mine to help others have the opportunities I had as a young person growing up, all to often young people's potential is never realised due to circumstances beyond their control. Not all young people have the support of parents or succeeded in a classroom environment its in cases like these I hope Foundation DB can help.

The foundation and its team aim to reduce homelessness, educate through sport and internationally support young girls in India to stay in education and out of child marriage. The foundation has carefully selected three charities to support and work alongside in achieving these goals:

The YMCA Open Door Project

A project located in the Blackcountry YMCA Open Door provides homeless people from 16-25 accommodation through their 'open door project' which gives homeless people a safe place to stay through a network of safe houses across the region. Along with a programme in place to help vulnerable young people get back on their feet through education and job opportunities.

Football For Peace

A global charity which aims to eradicate conflict, racism and political differences through Football. The charity has held huge exhibition games on Kilimanjaro, Navy Vessels and in remote far reaches of the globe. Hosting celebrity support such as; The Prince of Wales, Pele and Ronaldinho. The 'City for Peace' Project is aiming to breakdown barriers through Football & Education in Manchester, Birmingham and London. Foundation DB will support Birmingham as a City of Peace, helping underprivileged kids receive educational programmes aiming to erase inner-city conflicts of race, religion and gender.

YUWA India

A International, self-funded school in the remote Village of Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. This school focusses on providing young girls in the area an education they wouldnt otherwise receive as Child-Marriage, Human Trafficing and Gender Inequality all prevent girls from receiving an education. The school provides an education and leadership programme through classroom lessons and coaching. Girls attending the school manage 'mini-teams' and coach daily alongside their curriculum. Not only gaining an education but also given the tools they need in India to be successful as a woman.

The efforts and support of the foundation aims to make inroads into these 3 areas and better the lives of vulnerable young people by "Helping people, Help themselves".

The aim is to sustainably support, educate and protect vunerable young people who need help in stand on their own two feet, whether it's accommodation, education or protection the Foundation aims to help with these needs through fundraising and raising awareness in these areas.

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