Live Your Dreams

When do we feel really happy?

Perhaps it is when we live our dreams,when our freedom has no limits. All in all, when we stay at the Forte Village.

Our resort is unique in the world. For this reason it has been recognised with the top awards of the premiere authorities of the international travel and hospitality industry: ‘The World’s Leading Resort.’ The Best Hotel for Leisure Facilities on the Golden List of Condè Nast Traveller; the World’s Leading Green Resort and the World’s Leading Sport Academy.

What has built this success? The style of our hospitality, so warm and Italian. The natural beauty of our Island, Sardinia. The elegance of our hotels  and suites just a breath away from the sea. And, of course, our talented chefs. This year Antonello Arrus, chef of the Belvedere restaurant, has won a Michelin star.

We must also mention our extrodinary Sport Academy where world class champions teach potential future champions of football, tennis, basketball, golf, rugby, cricket and new for this year, boxing.

Forte Village is also renowned for the natural beauty of it’s spa, Thalasso del Forte, a real revolution in wellness and a new frontier in detox treatment and recovery of form. We should not forget the world of high fashion. Imagine the most elegant shops in the world’s  capital cities and you are in our stylish boutiques.

And for our precious little guests? For them the irresistable ‘City of Children,’ a paradise of happiness. A childs’ smile can illuminate the day, and we smile too as we offer them a holiday with the most freedom of their lives.

Is this not your dream?