The Didier Drogba Foundation

It's terrible but it's true : most African children are still left out and almost forgotten on the road to progress, especially when we talk about health and education. That's why the Didier Drogba Foundation has been created.

This is Didier's attempt to change things for the better. The goal is to develop more and more structures, to give people basic healthcare and education. Because this unacceptable situation has lasted too long. The patients must be treated with dignity and respect in a healthy environment. The doctors must be able to work in good conditions, especially in paediatrics. And education is also a priority. Because the youth of today is the future of tomorrow.


  • The Foundation provided help and funds for such structures as the Red Cross in Abidjan, Page Blanche Institution, orphanages in Grand Bassam or Madame Houphouet-Boigny's.
  • Yao, a young child with leukemia, has been taken care of and evacuated to Geneva to be treated.
  • Build a hospital in Abidjan, a project fully supported by the Foundation.

Future actions

  • Build schools in the Ivory Coast
  • Develop the Foundation throughout the world