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Children Today

Enabling children and young people who are living with disability to achieve their potential, increase independence and improve quality of life through the provision of specialised equipment.

Children TodayOften children with disabilities are excluded from a lifestyle which others take for granted. They want to join in and take part in the same sorts of activities, within their capabilities, as other children. They want to gain more independence from their parents as they get older, but are often prevented from doing so.

The provision of specialised equipment has a direct and immediate impact on a child’s quality of life and independence, and is vital in helping them to overcome obstacles and achieve their potential. Equipment can include wheelchairs, walking frames, tricycles, as well as communication aids, multi-sensory equipment and technology. We provide this service for children and young people right up to the age of 25.

We rely totally on voluntary donations and receive no funding from the government or social services.

Please help us to make a real difference to more children’s lives. Visit or call us on 01244 335622 to find out how.

Registered Charity No: 1137436