The Caulfield Company’s beautiful, new-generation glass buildings are perfect for modern living.

Specialising in a new breed of high-tech intelligent glass buildings, The Caulfield Company offer the dream indoor/outdoor lifestyle. 

These contemporary glass buildings make impressive architectural statements and they have  sophisticated built-in climate control.  This means that they can be designed as ’real rooms’ which are comfortable all year round, perfect for a kitchen extension or a new multi-purpose living area.  The same technology can also be used to create beautiful freestanding garden buildings such as summer houses, pool houses, garden pavilions and home offices.

At the heart of their custom designs are pioneering roof and door systems built for The Caulfield Company by the same specialist German company which fabricates for architects such as Norman Foster.  Technically these systems offer not only the highest possible strength, noise cancelling and thermal values (up to Passivhaus requirements) but also the ability to create spectacular structures including designs where the doors fold entirely away, leaving no beams or columns to interrupt sightlines.  

Whether airy extensions or freestanding structures, The Caulfield Company’s designs make architecturally exciting additions, designed to be used day or night, 365 days a year.  So, whether you are yearning for a big new glass extension to the house or a charming getaway at the bottom of the garden, there is now a completely new type of building to factor into the thought process.

The Caulfield Company takes projects right through from design and planning to interior finishes        and furnishings.

Showrooms at:

  • Wilmslow Garden Centre, Manchester Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 2JN
  • Harewood Bridge, Harrogate Road, Harewood, LS17 9LW

T:  0113 387 3118