The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

Sir Bobby Robson FoundationSir Bobby Robson fought cancer an incredible five times. Sadly, 17 years after his first diagnosis, he lost that long and courageous battle on 31 July 2009. He died very peacefully at his County Durham home with his wife and family beside him.

During the last 18 months of his life, and after retiring from football management, Sir Bobby worked hard towards a new goal - fighting cancer through his charity.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation focuses on the early detection and treatment of cancer and the clinical trials of new drugs that will eventually beat it. Please do what you can to support the ongoing work of the Foundation by making a donation. All donors will receive a personalised certificate and letter of thanks.

Our Goal

Cancers often spread to different parts of the body from the place they first occur so localised treatments, like surgery and radiotherapy, can have limited success. However, anti-cancer drugs circulate to all parts of the body and clinical trials of these treatments are the main focus of funding from Sir Bobby's charity.

There has been considerable success in making anti-cancer drugs, especially in the last few years, but there is still a long way to go before many of the common forms of the disease can be readily treatable. The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation helps experts within the NHS, in collaboration with scientists at Newcastle University, to develop these new treatments.

Through generous support, the charity has already equipped the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre, which was constructed by the Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care, Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. It has also funded two specialist research posts, a doctor and a nurse.

But there is still so much more which can be achieved through raising additional funds.

Our Patrons:

  • Alan Shearer
  • Janet Bruce
  • Rita Hogan
  • George Caulkin
  • Jane Morgan