Every footballer faces an important transition, from a player to life after football. Let the PFA support you in this process.

While you are playing, many decisions are made for you, by coaches, managers, agents and advisors. However, it is totally different outside ‘the game’ where you are expected to make your own choices, about education, employment, and financial planning. This is perhaps the reason why you are tempted to delay thinking about the future a little longer than you know you should!

But don’t be daunted! With help from the PFA you can ‘map’ your progression pathway whilst you’re playing and then begin to put it into effect before the time comes when someone else is making a decision on your future.

The PFA funded workshop enables you to gain a greater understanding of the key transition issues affecting elite performers and encourages you to explore new challenges and opportunities. The workshop will help:

  • Explore the athlete identity and how it impacts upon the transition process
  • Identify your strengths and match them to the most appropriate career options
  • Plan your career pathway
  • Develop effective networks
  • Reassess your finances and plan prudently
  • PFA transition support and player wellbeing

PFA Education host regional ‘Take Control’ transition workshops throughout the season along with the annual ‘Making the Transition’ event.