Leon Mann is in Gloucester to learn how the PFA is helping players prepare for their next role within football through PFA coaching courses.

He chats with PFA coaches Iffy Onuora and Mike Cook as well as current and former professional players participating in the course.

The Coaching Pyramid

Interested in getting your coaching qualifications? Contact the PFA Coaching Department to get started and you'll be put in touch with your nearest regional coach. After a one-to-one chat you'll be placed on a Level 2 regardless of playing experience. For more details visit thepfa.com/coaching.

Level 2: Certificate in Coaching Football

  • Focus on techniques and 4v4 games
  • 8-day course. You have 2 years to complete but it can be achieved in 6 months (by the dynamic!)

The course consists of a combination of practical sessions delivered by PFA coaches, sessions that candidates lead themselves, and classroom-based workshops covering topics like nutrition, sports psychology and communication skills. Candidates will then go away and gain experience coaching, with a minimum of 12 recorded sessions required. Once completed, candidates are given a specific topic to plan and prepare a coaching session on for a final 35-minute practical assessment. Although the coaching is at a basic level, you'll learn vital attributes such as communication, planning and organisation skills.

Level 3: UEFA B Licence

  • Focus on functions, phases of play and 8v8 games
  • 16-day course. You have 2 years to complete but it can be achieved in 12-18 months