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PFA TV: Education

Leon Mann presents the latest episode of PFA TV from Staffordshire University, as he joins three PFA members for their graduation ceremony.

Paul Hall, Fabrice Muamba and Pat Baldwin have graduated from the PFA funded Sports Journalism course at Staffordshire University.

The PFA’s Education department plays a central role in ensuring that members are prepared for a life after football.

The main aim is to encourage as many current and ex-PFA members as possible to undertake suitable academic/vocational qualifications to develop their career prospects ... both within and outside the game.

“As a football player, you’ve got so many transferable skills that you can take into so many different careers."

Pat Baldwin, former Colchester United and Exeter City.

The PFA provides support for members in terms of offering information, advice and grants to current and former players towards most courses leading to a recognised qualification.

PFA Executive, Jason Lee: “You should have an interest outside of football, as players you have a lot of time on your hands.

“If you have an interest that falls outside of the areas that we offer, we will still encourage and help players do that as well. There are no boundaries.

“We have former players that are trained lawyers, doctors, accountants, surgeons and pilots – you are not just a footballer!”

The average playing career of a professional footballer is eight years, which makes it all the more important for players of all ages to weigh up their options and consider an alternative career path.

You can find out more about the educational services available to members here: