PFATV: NVQ Level 2 plumbing

PFATV recently visited PFA members who are currently taking part in the NVQ Level 2 plumbing qualification.

Members Tom Brown, Jack Turnbull and Lee Roche are currently on-site in Leeds as they assist in the transformation of a former mill building into a luxury flat complex as part of their assessment.

The course, which began last year, has seen the members follow a schedule of intensive study and supervised practical tuition.

Course Assessor Paul Conway and Sponsor Jan Telensky have been impressed with the commitment, hard work and dedication shown by the trainees.

Qualities which as Jan Telensky points out are the same attributes which they displayed during their time in elite football.

 “You have footballers that finished the course in six months, when it normally takes two years.

They are special people, let’s face it. It takes a special character to go and lose and win and win and lose and self-motivate each game.”

Paul Conway, NVQ Assessor also pointed out how valuable the players’ transferable skills have been:

“I think the players have done fantastic considering they have come from a completely different background.

“They are really good with processes and they are good with their level of discipline, I suppose that is something that they have transferred from football into their training environment here.”

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