The Professional Footballers Pension Scheme (“The Scheme”) provides valuable benefits for Registered Contract Players and their dependants during their playing career and after they leave or retire.

The Scheme is administered by Trustees and its assets are completely separate from the Leagues’ normal business and assets. The detailed provisions of the 2011 section are set out in a Trust Deed and Rules, which is available for inspection by Players upon request.

This site has been designed to help you learn about the Scheme and make the most of the flexibility it offers.

This section gives you:

  • An overview of Scheme Information relating to the Professional Footballers Pension Scheme.
  • Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Professional Footballers Pension Scheme.
  • A Scheme Documents and Downloads page to obtain more information about the Professional Footballers Pension Scheme which you can view on screen or print.
  • Useful contacts & Websites about pensions and links to other sites.