Technology Careers

Course Overview

The PFA has teamed up with Techerds to offer a fast and efficient pathway into technology careers for people of all skill levels and technical abilities. Whether you are interested in one of the many non-technical roles that exist in technology or are maybe even in becoming a software developer, the Technology Career - 10 Step Guide has the answers.

Course Logistics

What It Covers

  • Build a network of over 200 connections in the technology industry
  • Learn about all of the different roles that exist in the industry
  • Web development
  • Understand how project requirements are composed and presented to teams
  • Get familiar with the software tools you will be using when you get hired
  • Regular Ask Me Anything Sessions where you can ask questions to a technology expert
  • Software and website testing 
  • How to get hired


Useful To Who

  • Want to work in the fastest-growing sector in the world
  • Interested in a high paying career
  • Want to learn more about technology

What It Takes

  • Each of the 10 steps requires about 40 hours of your time and so if approached on a full time basis could be finished in 10 weeks
  • All course materials and content are available online so they can be completed at a pace that suits you
  • We just ask that each step is complete within at least 3 months (which should be very easy)


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