You need to be aware that there is a great deal of monitoring of the betting markets. The football authorities work closely with specialist companies who are constantly reviewing data and betting patterns from betting operators.

In addition, the FA have links with the betting operators themselves and with the Gambling Commission, the regulatory body for betting operators in this country.

Remember, it’s your reputation, your responsibility and your career.

All of these organisations are aware of our betting rules and advise the FA of issues that arise in the cash, telephone and online betting markets; The FA has the power to interview you and to require you to produce records such as itemised phone bills, betting account statements and bank statements.

In summary, if you breach the betting rules, it is very likely that you will get caught. You will then be subject to The FA’s disciplinary procedures and, if found guilty, you will be subject to a range of sanctions including a warning, fine or a significant period of suspension. 

Members who would like further clarification on any of the betting regulations, or would like to speak with the PFA in confidence regarding any matter, please contact us on: