If you are not going to be at a training session or are leaving early or arriving late, you must notify The FA.


  1. If you are missing training or arriving late, notify The FA in advance of the training session.
  2. If you are leaving training early notify The FA before you leave.
  3. When notifying The FA you must provide your:
    • full name
    • your club
    • your full address (including postcode)
    • a one hour time slot when you are available for testing (at the address).
  4. The time slot must be at least two hours after you have notified The FA of your absence and must be between the hours of 0600 – 2300 e.g. if you notify The FA at 11am then the earliest your one hour time slot can start is 1pm.
  5. Make sure you are present at the address stated for the full hour!