Social Drugs

FA Doping Control Regulations prohibit players from taking social drugs (such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy) at all times.

If you take social drugs recreationally you will face a suspension from football of up to six months, but if you are tested after a match and a social drug is detected, you could face a two year suspension.

It’s when the drug is detected, not when you took it that counts.


Alcohol is not banned in football, but in almost all cases where players have tested positive for social drugs, they have been drunk at the time. Many were so drunk that they didn’t even remember taking the drug.

If you do decide to drink in public places, think carefully about how much you have, and remember to keep your drinks with you at all times to make sure that they couldn’t be spiked*.

* Where possible, drink from bottles rather than open glasses, keeping your thumb over the top when not drinking. Please note that a player is likely to face suspension for any positive drug test, including those that may have been caused by drink spiking.