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Copy and Pasting

When copying text from a word document - strip all formatting from the document (bold, bullets etc). Copy from Word into clipboard.

Then use the 'Paste from Word, Strip font' option in the top ribbon of this dialogue box (clipboard with W on it). When pop-up opens > right click > insert as plain text.

Then apply formatting using options in the header.

You can insert links into the text - using features in the toolbar - 3 options:

  1. 'Insert Sitecore Link' > links to another page within the site.
  2. 'Insert Sitecore Media' insert an image - max width 814px - no restriction on height.
  3. 'Hyperlink Manager' can link to an external site.

 At the bottom of this dialogue box - you can see a HTML tab - allows you to view the code.

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