Statement | PFA support for Eni Aluko

The Professional Footballers’ Association has been providing support and assistance to our member, Eniola Aluko, from the first moment she made us aware of her experiences of playing for the England team.

We were naturally shocked and very concerned when we learnt of the serious issues Eni had faced and immediately offered her independent legal advice to pursue her complaints together with any other support she felt would be helpful in the circumstances.

This led to the instruction of a leading employment and discrimination QC who provided ongoing advice to Eni and represented her in respect of her complaints against The Football Association. Her complaints were pursued vigorously and this led to The Football Association entering into discussions with Eni and her advisers regarding a financial settlement which she was ultimately prepared to accept.

Understandably, we share Eni’s concerns regarding what has occurred and would fully support an open, transparent and independent investigation into her experiences and any other incidents which any of her team mates may also wish to raise. We feel that this is very important to ensure that these serious issues are properly dealt with and to also ensure that an appropriate process is put in place to give any other players the confidence to raise any similar issues.

Finally, we continue to provide support for Eni and will do so for any other member who requires our assistance in relation to this matter.

Gordon Taylor OBE
Chief Executive - PFA.