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Day Two in South Africa: Oasis and The Leadership College

PFA at Oasis in South Africa

Day two in South Africa saw the PFA and TackleAfrica visit Oasis and The Leadership College in Manenberg.


Oasis is a registered non-profit organisation, with their main focus being on sport for development programmes. The programmes form a platform where they can connect with both youth and adults from marginalized communities, offering them educational and life skill opportunities.

Oasis youth development coaches Bonjani and Dillon gave the PFA a tour of the facilities and then took the group to visit some of the townships they predominantly work in including Parkwood, Ottery and Gugulethu.

Bonjani discussed the Local Integrated Football Education (life) programme which aims to prevent youth from engaging in anti-social activities such as gangsterism and substance abuse, by equipping them with life skills which will assist them in making better decisions at an early age, to the benefit of their future.

The main objective of the charity is to empower youth and adults to become self-sustainable members of their communities.

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The Leadership College

In the afternoon, the PFA and TackleAfrica visited The Leadership College in Manenberg.

Mrs Ashra Norton is the founder of the school which opened in 2010. She is a resident of Manenberg and she attended the Silverstream Primary and High school.

When she completed her schooling career, she applied to university to complete a degree in Pharmaceuticals. However, because she came from a very poor background, her parents did not have the funds to send her to complete her course.

TLC as it is commonly known, is a completely free school where learners receive free uniform, stationery and excursions.

The school was opened for those learners who are gifted academically but cannot afford to attend a good school. Without this provision, these young children can slip through the system and will likely be more at risk of becoming involved in drug activity and gangs.

The PFA and TackleAfrica once again delivered a youth life skills session in the classroom with approximately 30 students participating.

The students were split into small groups and discussed the importance of role models with various examples and inspirational words provided by the PFA. The groups then presented their ideas on ‘what makes a good role model’ to the class.

We then took the schoolchildren outside and delivered a fun coaching session on the field. The students were presented with a football shirt kindly donated by Manchester United, Show Racism the Red Card, Kick it Out and NCS.

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PFA visit in South Africa