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PFA and TackleAfrica visit Langa High School

The PFA and TackleAfrica attend a soccer clinic and youth life skills class at Langa High school.

Day one in South Africa saw the PFA and TackleAfrica consisting of John Hudson, Jason Lee, Terry Angus, Shane Birtles and Jane Carter visit Langa High School. 

One of the oldest townships in Cape Town, Langa is known for its vibrant, captivating and creative identity. Though Langa is still thriving, the township needs a great deal of support in the areas of education, community and youth development and employment. Langa High School is a public secondary school and serves 851 students.

Tuesday Daily Blog

8:30am: Arrived in Cape Town.

10:00am: With no time to check in at the hotel it was thought best that we grab some food on route to our next appointment to ensure the session could begin on time. The team changed in the back of the minibus and rummaged through our bags for kit and equipment to leave at the school for the pupils.

12:30 – 3:00pm: The PFA and TackleAfrica attended a soccer clinic and youth life skills at Langa High school with ages ranging from 14-19. We were greeted by Ebrahim Moerat, Tawara (ex-Gang leader) and Lucy Fondling who we know well from previous visits. Lucy has really turned her life around as she has a history of drug abuse but is now delivering sporting educational programs to youths. Tawara is now instrumental in helping to control the youths and ensure they stay focused on the schooling. Tawara is now 22 and has worked very hard to rehabilitate his life and become a positive role model.

Jason Lee said: “I was very impressed with him having spent a few hours in his company. He told me this is his chance to save his and other lives as the streets offer a very negative end.”

After completing the life skills lesson in the classroom we then delivered a fun coaching session outside which was a test due to the large numbers. More than fifty students took part on a dusty surface with no grass and all sorts of debris from bricks to glass. That said the young people were not to be deterred and just enjoyed the session.

3:30pm: Depart Langa and Return to hotel.

PFA and TackleAfrica visit Langa High School

About TackleAfrica

TackleAfrica was founded in May 2002 by a group of young people from the UK who had all lived or worked in Africa at some point in their lives. They recognised the potential of football as a means of bringing people together, and providing a platform from which to convey hugely important messages about HIV and AIDS.

In early 2007, TackleAfrica piloted a unique way of combining HIV education directly into football coaching drills, publishing the first edition of the HIV education through football coaching manual later the same year. The charity now supports partners across Africa to work with young people on a range of issues related to HIV, sexual and reproductive health rights and empowerment.

In August 2016, Coaching for Hope became part of TackleAfrica, allowing two of the UK’s leading international sport for development organisations to pool talent, share learning and provide an even better service to young people in Africa.