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Important message for all PFA members

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It has come to the PFA’s attention that a number of our members have fallen victim to various internet scams from companies which are offering commercial deals and discounts to our members by claiming to have an association with the PFA.

Most commonly, these organisations use the internet and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to advertise deals by actively targeting PFA members. In particular, we are aware of one such scam which claims to offer discounted rates on cars for PFA members but then either the car has not been delivered or the repayment terms for the vehicle has increased once a deposit has been paid resulting in the member losing their deposit and possibly being left unable to recover it.

Check with the PFA

Please be aware that all companies which are legitimately associated with the PFA are listed on our website.  This can be found here and we would recommend checking on this page before entering into any agreements or giving any money to someone who is offering you a deal based on its purported connections with the PFA.

Alternatively you can call the PFA offices on 0161 236 0575 if you have any concerns and wish to verify the status of the associated partners.

What to do if …

If you think you may have fallen victim to a scam similar to those mentioned above, we would recommend that you contact Action Fraud by calling 0800 123 2040 or through its website by clicking the following link:

In addition, please let us know of your concerns so that we are aware of any misuse of the PFA’s name and reputation and take any further action as appropriate.