PFA meet with NFL Players Association

The PFA have met today with officials from the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) ahead of Sunday’s NFL International Series match to be played at Wembley with the New England Patriots taking on the St Louis Rams.

The NFLPA is the union for professional football players in the NFL and has a proud history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests in the United States.

NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, Assistant Executive Director George Atallah and Player Advocate Lester Archambeau, met with PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor, and Deputy Chief Executives Bobby Barnes and John Bramhall.

Areas of mutual interest were discussed, with particular focus on the recent issues of race in England and the successful application of the Rooney Rule in America.

Executive Director DeMaurice Smith pledged total support for the PFA and affirmed that the strength of the union comes from the unity of all it’s member working together for a common goal.

The PFA look forward to an on-going dialogue with the NFLPA with Bobby Barnes scheduled to continue discussions in New York next month.