The issue of racism in football is one that we have battled for many years and whilst significant impact has been made across the game, there is a long way to go. The PFA is committed to addressing and tackling racism in football.

  • We work closely with the FA to ensure sanctions in place for racist incidents are implemented.
  • We lobby the FA to ensure BME representation at every disciplinary hearings and tribunals related to race.
  • We lobby UEFA, FIFA and other football agencies to ensure anti- racism is taken seriously and addressed appropriately.
  • We deliver sessions to players highlighting the importance of language and conduct with regards to race and ethnicity.
  •  We work closely with campaigning groups to ensure anti-racism is at the forefront of our work in English Football
  • We work with the Premier League and Football League to ensure racist fans are eradicated from grounds and banned for life.
  • We promote good practice as the Players Union with 25% representation of BME staff at Executive Level

PFA Taking Action...

The PFA will continue to push for equality of opportunity for all our members. Old-fashioned Stereotypes and invisible barriers still exist and prevent further development in the game for many players who would like a career in football after the hang up their boots.

Reporting Racism

As professional footballers there is a responsibility to be the best you can be at all times. This includes conduct and behaviour. There is no place for racist language in our game, regardless of circumstance. If you are on the receiving end of abuse from a fan, coach, colleague or manager please contact us and we can help you log the incident and issue a report to the FA for further action. 

Football is a powerful tool to deliver anti-racism messages and education. Footballers past and present have worked with the PFA and our supported campaigns to speak out against racism and to work with young people to tackle the issue of racism in society. We need your help to Kick Racism out of Football and Show Racism the Red Card. 

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