The PFA want to assist people with a disability the opportunity to watch, play, coach, manage or referee football.

Disability does not mean inability and there are elite sports people who also have a disability. 

Disability football is the seventh most played team sport over all team sports and there are currently 55 County Disability Football Leagues and over 1500 disability football teams in England. 

Not all disabilities are ones that you can notice straight-away or at all. Everyone has the right to be treated equally regardless of difference. 

If you have access issues or are looking for further support please do check out the Centre for Access to Football in Europe) CAFE website which hosts a wide range of information including supporters groups, access issues, resources and legal information. 

You could also contact your local professional club community department for information on what is going on in your area supported by the club.

Further Resources:

  • For further information on where to play, how to coach, manage or referee look at website
  • For information on the English Federation of Disability rel="noopener noreferrer" Sports contact
  • For information on Centre rel="noopener noreferrer" for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) contact: