What is the maximum I can apply for each year?

Maximum of £1500 per any one course during PFA's financial year (July-June).

Is there a limit on how much I can apply in total?

Please note that funding is capped at a maximum of £5000 for each member.

I'm studying abroad can I still apply for an Educational Grant?

Yes, please refer to 'Studies In America (outside of the UK)' section for more information.

Am I able to send documents electronically?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept scanned, emailed or faxed documents.

Can I make an application for additional expenses incurred?

We are unable to fund medical costs, travel and parking expenses, accommodation, membership fees, kit and uniform, tools and equipment, postage fees.

I am no longer playing league football but have been in a member of the PFA in the past, am I still able to apply for funding?

Yes, current and former players are entitled to apply for educational funding.

At what point to I submit my funding application?

The time limit for submitting your application depends on the type of course you are undertaking. Please refer to the relevant section within the site. If you are unsure please contact the PFA Charity's Education department.

I've have completed courses in the past and not made a claim, am I able to claim retrospectively?

Unfortunately we are unable to consider retrospective claims.

Final points ...

Our criteria and levels of funding are subject to regular reviews to ensure that we can carry on helping as many members as possible within the limits of the funds available. Consequently grant payments may vary over time and as such this document should not be viewed as a definitive guide.

All grants are awarded at the discretion of the PFA Charity.