Accountancy is a great way to start a fantastic and rewarding career.  This has long been seen as an extremely prestigious profession and can be hugely rewarding for intelligent and ambitious individuals who want to challenge their abilities and achieve great things.

There is often a misconception that working in accounts involves a lot of maths & figures, however there is more to being an accountant than sitting at a desk with a calculator all day!

Modern accountancy has gone way beyond boring bean counting, in fact the computers do much of the number crunching these days!

The main purpose of most businesses is to make a profit and this means that keeping an eye on financial results is extremely important. This will involve looking at the income

generated by a business and the costs that they incur. Accountancy is the process of recording financial transactions, summarising them in a sensible way, and communicating the results with interested people in a meaningful form.

A career in accountancy can allow you to progress quickly into higher management positions within an organisation, even as far as the Board of Directors.  In fact, 40% of all Chief Executive Officers of the companies in the FTSE 100 hundred had a financial background*.  David Gill, the once Chief Executive of Manchester United was an accountant by training.

Whilst there is more to a career in accountancy than money, typically accountants do tend to be paid well.  The average salary for a qualified member of the Association of Accounting Technicians is £26,000*, and for a Chartered Accountant the average salary is £85,000 with an average bonus of £17,000*.

Accountancy is one of the most diverse professions in the world with a growing global demand for qualified professionals. This makes it a career choice that offers opportunities across a huge range of sectors and industries in virtually every country. 

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