Throughout your playing career you face many important transitions, but the most daunting can be when you eventually need to find a new profession. Let the PFA support you in this process.

While you are playing, many decisions are made for you, by coaches, managers, agents and advisors. However, it is totally different outside ‘the game’ where you are expected to make your own choices, about education, employment, and financial planning. This is perhaps the reason why you are tempted to delay thinking about the future a little longer than you know you should!

We are dedicated to the holistic development of our members and encourage all players to engage in education throughout their career and recognise they are ‘more than a footballer’. We offer advice and guidance as well as providing over £2m each year in the form of individual education grants to support learning. 

The average professional playing career is only 8 years and for most a second career is a necessity. It’s important to pursue other interest and create new challenges and opportunities for life after football. 

The PFA can assist throughout your career and beyond:

  • Dual career identification
  • Understand strengths and match them to the most appropriate career options
  • Identify relevant courses
  • Develop effective network
  • CV advice
  • Job search and work experience
  • Bespoke Personal Development Plan

Email us on to arrange a phone consultation to discuss how best we can support you.