You may not realise but during your time within a professional football environment you are constantly taking in information from those around you.

All those hours spent in the gym perfecting technique, the intense training sessions outside on the grass, and even the relaxed days recovering from matches, all these are carefully planned in order for you to reach the highest level of fitness.

All this knowledge is essential when looking to become a personal trainer and you can use it to help others to achieve their fitness goals. Having experienced an elite sporting environment, you have an edge in the industry, learning how to use the skills you have gained from the experts you have worked with.

Providers run different courses including 6 weeks' intensive full-time programmes, online self-study and also bespoke packages depending on your circumstance, so you do not need to wait until you have finished your career as a footballer to start a course.

Some training providers offer a discount for PFA members who wish to undertake a personal training course, for more information please contact