FAQs – Your Cause, Your Way!


What is a Community Foundation?

A community foundation is a registered charity that exists to help people and organisations give to charitable causes they care about. There are 48 community foundations in the UK and the network has been around for 40 years, represented by UK Community Foundations.

Who else has a Community Foundation charitable fund?

Jamie Carragher set up his 23 Foundation with Community Foundation for Merseyside in 2009/10 and has given out £310,000 since then to charities, community groups and budding sports stars.


I’d like to set up a fund for a specific charity or cause, what can I do?

You can set up a fund with a Community Foundation and direct your giving to a specific cause or charity.    For general charitable giving, your fund could support local activities for registered charities, such as backing young sports stars, funding youth clubs, supporting local disabled children and improving people’s health. The Community Foundation will undertake all administration and compliance reporting for you and you can have as many or as few people involved in the decision making on your fund’s giving as you want.

What kind of charitable causes can I support?

Via a Community Foundation fund you can support registered charities based locally or nationally, community groups, resident associations, youth clubs, soccer schools, health issues, individuals in needs and sports stars. You can also support national UK charities working internationally.

Can I name my foundation whatever I want?

Yes, you can name your fund whatever you want, such as using your name, your shirt number or a family name and calling it a ‘charitable fund’, ‘fund’ or a ‘foundation’. Jamie Carragher named his fund with his local Community Foundation after his shirt number – the 23 Foundation. The name just needs to be appropriate for public profile and acceptable under charity law which the Community Foundation will advise on.

How much publicity can I get for my fund? What if I don’t want any publicity?

You simply let the Community Foundation know the type of publicity you would like for your fund and they will respect your wishes.

How do I decide what I want to support?

A Community Foundation can help you create a giving plan based on your interests and passions. Community Foundations exist to help people give to causes they are passionate about, and they can meet with you, take you to meet community groups and charities and create plans for your fund to achieve your wishes.

Can I give internationally?

Yes, you could give to UK registered charities that work internationally, such as Oxfam, the Red Cross or Save the Children.  While you cannot support a charity based in another country via a community foundation in the UK, your local Community Foundation could connect you with an international community foundation in your targeted country where possible.  Presently, there are nearly 2,500 community foundations across the world.  You can visit the Community Foundation Atlas (please visit: http://communityfoundationatlas.org/ ) to find out if there is a community foundation in the country you wish to support and they can help you locally in that country.

Other than money, what else can I give?

You can lend your footballer profile to raise awareness of social issues or charitable causes, you can give your time to meet with charities or community groups to raise the profile of their work, or share your experience, perhaps advising sports charities or football academies on their work in communities. You can also become a trustee, patron or ambassador for causes close to your heart. Contact John Hudson at the PFA about their trustee training course.


I’m interested what do I do next?

Contact John Hudson at the PFA on 0161 236 0637 or at community@thepfa.co.uk to discuss your charitable giving interests.

I’m looking to set up a fund with a Community Foundation, would the PFA support me with the process?

If you set up a Community Foundation charitable fund the PFA will support and fund your referral to a Community Foundation and then they will support you to achieve your charitable giving aims. (The PFA will also fund the legal process for players to register their own charity, requiring trustees and compliance reporting).

What is the legal process in setting up a charitable fund with the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation takes care of all legal and compliance requirements under its registered charity number, reporting to the Charity Commission and Companies House annually, and so there is no need for you to be involved in any legal work and you can simply have the enjoyment of giving money away to good causes to make a difference.

How can I be sure that my foundation will be professionally managed by the Community Foundation?

Community foundations are registered charities, audited every year by the Charity Commission for their work undertaken in administering a number of funds and foundations for individuals, families, companies and trusts. They are also audited as Community Foundations every three years in areas of grant-making, donor care, finance and governance by UK Community Foundations, backed by the Charity Commission.

Who do I need to help me?

You do not need a group of Trustees nor go through a legal process when setting up a Community Foundation charitable fund. You can set up your fund on your own, directing how the fund works with the Community Foundation’s input, or you can involve family, friends or colleagues. They can form a panel for your fund and help you decide how monies are distributed to worthy causes with the Community Foundation undertaking all the administration and compliance reporting for you.

How do I open a Community Foundation charitable fund?

Contact John Hudson at the PFA on 0161 236 0637 or at community@thepfa.co.uk and, if the community foundation option is right for you, John will refer you to Cathy Elliott, representing UK Community Foundations who has worked with Jamie Carragher on his 23 Foundation. Cathy will work with you to create a giving plan and then refer you to your local community foundation to set up your foundation and start giving.

What’s the minimum I need to open a Community Foundation charitable fund?

Whatever charitable foundation option you go for you need to turn over £5,000 with a registered charity or a community foundation fund in the first year.  To set up a community foundation fund you need to make a donation of £5,000 to open the fund in your name and have £10,000 donated in a year to then begin distributing donations to causes.

What’s the cost in opening a Community Foundation charitable fund?

A Community Foundation will ask for annual donation to cover the cost of their work as a registered charity which will typically be 10% of the funds distributed each year. For that percentage the Community Foundation will provide a full administration package, including financial management, Gift Aid claims, legal work, compliance reporting, donation and small grants processing, annual reporting on the activities of your foundation, community visits to see how the funds have been spent, robust and transparent administration, checking each funding applicant’s policies and financial status, processing of fundraising proceeds, guidance on your giving plans and some marketing work.


I have a registered foundation, but I am struggling to manage it, can a Community Foundation help me?

Yes, a Community Foundation can help you with administering some or all of your funds to charities and community groups to reach the causes you are passionate about whilst reporting to your Board of Trustees as part of your foundation’s compliance reporting requirements. If you are really struggling and your foundation is dormant, you can transfer your registered foundation to a community foundation, setting up a new charitable fund without the compliance reporting or need for Trustees. You can transfer the name of your foundation and your trustees can become panel members of your new Community Foundation fund.

I’m planning a Testimonial, can a Community Foundation help me?

Yes, a community foundation can set up a charitable fund for you in advance of your Testimonial to then receive all proceeds from your Testimonial to then distribute the funds to causes you choose. The Community Foundation can claim Gift Aid to increase the value of any personal donations via tax relief.  Community Foundation for Merseyside worked with Jamie Carragher on his Testimonial in 2010, setting up his 23 Foundation with the proceeds raised from his match and fundraising dinner.

How do I go about fundraising?

A community foundation will support your fundraising activities, such as processing donations for your charitable fund and claim Gift Aid. If you need any further support for PR, event management or fundraising activities, then the Community Foundation will ask for a modest donation to cover the cost of the work required or can refer you to local experts to support you on a paid or in-kind basis.

If I have more questions who should I contact?

Contact John Hudson at the PFA on 0161 236 0637 or at community@thepfa.co.uk