UK Community Foundations (UKCF) is the membership body for the UK’s 48 community foundations.

These community foundations are local giving centres that provide grants to small charities and community groups, using their local expertise to ensure funding is strategic and goes where it is needed most. They also manage funds on behalf of donors, taking care of the back office side of charitable giving and working with those donors to make sure money goes to their desired causes.

UKCF has managed a number of programmes at a UK-wide level that enabled partners to target grant-making at the communities that are important to them and in a way that meets their objectives. UKCF managed the London Evening Standard’s re-launch as a free paper by designing and delivering the Dispossessed Fund.

About UKCF

UKCF manages Comic Relief’s grant-making to ensure a local footprint across the entire UK and has helped the BIG Lottery work in communities that they find tough to reach. 

Collectively, the 48 community foundations are the tenth largest charitable grant-making organisation in the UK, just behind Comic Relief. In 2014, UKCF’s member foundations distributed more than £65 million to local causes on behalf of their donors and funders.