The scheme targets young people between the ages of 16-25 who have barriers in life and may have struggled at school, been in care, been in trouble with the police or be long-term unemployed.

The programme has had a significant impact with more than 25,000 young people engaged in a variety of projects through the Initiative. Three quarters of those people on the scheme have moved into education, work, training or volunteering.

The partnership’s aims are:

  1. To extend the reach of football to engage, motivate and improve the long term outcomes of young people
  2. To use football to help meet the challenges of recruiting young people to programmes from the most hard to reach backgrounds, working with appropriate partnership agencies
  3. To increase qualifications earned and improve employment prospects
  4. Deliver programmes that focus on quality of activity and strong outcomes for young people
  5. Encourage opportunities in volunteering as a recognised progression pathway for young

Key Achievements in 2013/14:

  • In the last year alone, The Prince’s Trust Football Initiative programmes helped a further 1035 young people get their lives back on track.
  • 68% progressed into education, training, employment or volunteering.
  • 26% of young people progressed into employment following participation in a football programme
  • Of the participants in The Prince’s Trust programmes 83% were long term unemployed, 18% were offenders or ex-offenders.

The figures:

  • 25,000+ young people have been engaged through the partnership;
  • 5982 young offenders/ex-offenders have been rehabilitated;
  • 40 professional clubs have been involved in the initiative;
  • 22,755 long-term unemployed young people supported;
  • 2314 care leavers helped to make transition to independent living;
  • There were 11 current and ex-professional player appearances on the Prince’s Trust programmes.