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Coaching Practices

PFA's Jimmy Armfield


This library of coaching for players of all ages and coaches is presented by former England Captain Jimmy Armfield and moves from the basics, progressing to more senior levels and on into game situations.

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Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal

Start Right

Kicking the ball - the basic skill. Also covers the techniques and progression required for striking and volleying.

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Chelsea's Cesc Fabregas


Practices that develop the skills needed to control the ball with both the inside and outside of the foot. Developing onto control and movement in tight situations.

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Manchester United's Ander Herrera


This range of passing sessions has varying skill levels, aiming for accuracy using both feet. Progressing to passing and movement in game situations.

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jonny evans


A team can adopt any form of defence to suit its strengths and weaknesses. But much can depend on each individual in the unit - every player knowing their defensive duties.

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Everton's Seamus Coleman

Running with the ball

This section contains progressive practices with close control, and running with the ball with changing pace.

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Erik Lamela, Tottenham Hotspur


All players whatever their position need to learn to change direction on the field, whether they are in possession of the ball or not.

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Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge


The aim of any team is to score goals so it is up to the attacking players to work on the training ground developing shooting skills. All players need confidence when near to goal and this can be developed through practice.

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Manchester City's Vincent Kompany


Heading is a skill that needs to be developed in early age, as it comes into football affecting all positions. There is also the competitive side to deal with and all players need to learn how to leap and develop heading technique in match-like conditions.

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Belgium's Jan Vertonghen


Most games are littered with throw-ins, so it is important that every team, whether defending or attacking, knows its capabilites.

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David De Gea, Manchester United


The position of goalkeeper is that of a 'specialist technician' and, therefore, a great deal of work on individual technique is required to reach a competent standard.

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Set Pieces

Free kicks, corners and throw-ins can provide match winning situations, so defending at any set-play needs informed planning.

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Atletico Madrid training UCL Final

Spanish Lessons

With an all Spanish UEFA Champions League Final, we have compiled some interesting sessions that were observed by The PFA’s Coaching department on a recent study visit to Spain.

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