About Simone Pound

Simone Pound, Head of Equalities

Simone Pound, Head of Equalities.

Simone joined the PFA in 2000 when Fulham Ladies became the first Professional women’s team and members of the Professional Footballers Association.

Simone had a background in magazine publishing working on sponsorship and promotional campaigns for brands including Nike, Umbro and Adidas. Starting in the Commercial Department of the PFA Simone sourced sponsorship deals for young players from the British School of Motoring, EA Sports and Match Magazine.

Now Head of Equality and Diversity for the PFA, a role which includes liaising with all departments of the PFA including Coaching, Education and Community to ensure cohesive policies are integral throughout the Association. 

Simone also works externally with our anti-discrimination campaigns and other key football stakeholders including the FA and Premier League and has been instrumental in developing the Diversity Awareness Programme which was cited by Ofsted as Outstanding. Simone has also worked to develop an Anti-Bullying Workshop at Football Academies which is delivered to young players, their coaches and their parents.

Simone represents the PFA on a number of Boards and Committee’s including the FA Women’s Committee, General Federation of Trade Unions Executive Committee and is a Trustee and Chair of Finance and Staffing for the Kick It Out campaign.