The Professional Footballers' Association Charity is committed to a positive and pro-active approach to achieve the highest possible standards to meet our social, moral, and legal responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of every child/young person, young player or adult at risk. 

We adhere to the principles of the Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 guidelines from government and the Working Together to Safeguard Football guidelines from The FA. Click here to view the guidelines.

We are committed to working to provide a safe environment for all. 

The PFA Charity has a role to play, in partnership with other agencies, to provide appropriate support and care for young players who disclose abuse.

We are committed to:

  • Recognising behaviour that may indicate abuse
  • Responding appropriately to concerns about possible abuse and never ignoring indicators
  • Reporting concerns to the appropriate channels set in place in football and our organisation
  • Recording information and details and sharing with appropriate bodies whilst ensuring confidentiality in line with GDPS to ensure protection of victims.

The PFA Charity is fully supportive of The Premier League and The English Football League Safeguarding Policies and will work closely with The Premier League, The English Football League, The Football Association, and League Football Education (LFE) in supporting and promoting safeguarding issues.

The protection and safety of young players is everyone's responsibility however ultimate responsibility will continue to rest with parents and guardians. 

All PFA members of staff, members of the PFA Management Committee and Partners have a responsibility to make the training, playing and learning environment safe and secure for all.  Ignoring abuse is not an option.  All staff are committed this and will report any concerns for the well-being of young players in accordance with the PFA Safeguarding Policy.

Getting advice and reporting concerns

Any safeguarding concerns can be raised by contacting or by calling 0161 236 0575 and asking to speak with George Bowyer. We can assist and direct you through the reporting process.

Non-recent abuse

Any concerns regarding historic sexual abuse should be raised by contacting the confidential helpline – 07500 000777 or by emailing –

For more information on safeguarding procedures within football:

For support and advice contact the NSPCC.

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