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Applying for Funding

Members Graduate from York University, photo with Education Director Pat Lally

Grant Criteria & Eligibility

Details eligibility to apply for funding and outlines the required documentation you will need before submitting any application.

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PFA Members at Staffs University

Type of Grants Available

We currently help towards study costs (registration fees, tuition fees, exam fees) and required textbooks for most courses leading to a recognised qualification.

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Bromby & Naylor

Type of Courses

This section gives you some brief examples of the types of courses and qualfications that the PFA can offer financial assistance towards. Funding criteria varies for undergraduates and members attending university in America.

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Making the Transition 2012, Oshor Williams

How do I Apply?

To complete your application you will need to complete an application form and provide relevant supporting documents.

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Oshor Williams, Clarke Carlisle and Pat Lally

Expected Level of Funding

This section outlines the level of funding that you may expect to recieve if you are undertaking a course or qualification.

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